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Adult Classes

We offer classes for a range of skill levels. Monthly Classes start at the beginning of each month. Our professional instructors will explore hand building, wheel throwing, and surface application techniques. Students practice multiple forms on the potter's wheel as well as study design aesthetics for hand built objects. Emphasis is placed on craftsmanship and functional products. Each class includes specialized demonstrations and studio time to freely create.  

Cost: $110 per month

Times: Monday or Thursday evenings from 6:00-8:00pm

Only 10 spots available per class. Reserve your spot here.

January - Plates

Students will throw plates of all sizes depending on their skill level. Focus will be given to the art of trimming the underside of the plate to create a foot ring. 


February - Small Forms and Throwing off the Hump

Students will learn to throw small forms off the hump creating knobs, vases, and saki cups. They will also learn to center ½ lb of clay to create vases and bowls as well as handbuilding to create jewelry.


March - Porcelain and Cutting in Clay

Students will cut or pierce sections of clay out of their wheel thrown pieces working with the creamy white porcelain clay body. Beginners will work on small luminaries while more advanced students can create berry bowls.


April - Planters and Vases

In line with the season, students will be introduced to various techniques involved with throwing and handbuilding planters and vases out of clay. 


May - Mugs

Beginners will explore simple wheel thrown shapes and handle making in the quest for the perfect mug. Class discussions will focus on merits of mug shapes and finishing skills that are important for mug use. 


June - Bathroom and Kitchen 

This class will throw Toothbrush holders, a rinse cup, and sponge holders. We will also create soap dishes with varying levels from beginner to advanced. 


July - Printing on Clay

This class will explore techniques to print images on clay and ceramic. We will work with silk screens and rice paper transfers to create patterns on the surface of leather hard pieces. We will also use stamps to imprint on clay. 


August - Bowls

We will create bowls for all skill levels, starting with the fundamentals of the bowl form and work to create nesting bowls, noodle bowls, large bowls for advanced students, and handbuilt bowls.


Sept. - Raku 

We will create a variety of decorative pieces with special Raku clay and glazes that will be fired with the Raku style at the Josephine Sculpture Park on Sunday Oct. 16. 


Oct. - Closed Forms

This class is for all levels. We will focus on pulling up forms that will be closed at the top. You will have the opportunity to choose from creating pumpkins, trees, eggs, and jars.


Nov./Dec - Teapots 

This class is designed for all levels. We will begin by making bottles, followed by vessels with lids. If your skills advance, you will combine those two forms to create a teapot with a handle. 

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